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CrisisPoint, crisis communications and PR management

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Johnson & Johnson redefined crisis communications management in 1982 by setting the standard for the way public relations practitioners should respond during a crisis. The situation is best known as the “Tylenol case.”

Someone apparently mixed cyanide into Tylenol capsules and placed them back on shelves at supermarkets and drug stores in the Chicago area. Tylenol never found a culprit, but seven people died, causing fear throughout the country.  The company immediately recalled all Tylenol products and stopped production, costing the company about $100 million. In the following months, Tylenol reinvented itself to ensure that tampering was impossible, contributing to the company’s success.

It seems almost impossible that a brand would survive after such an ordeal. Not only did Johnson & Johnson survive the crisis, but the company also regained credibility due to thoughtful and timely responses, making the matter one of best practice and one of the best case studies in effective public relations.

A crisis can occur anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The way your company handles a crisis can mean the difference between success and failure. Failure can result in serious harm to a company’s brand, causing humiliation, loss of sales and even the downfall of your business. According to the Department of Commerce, 40 percent of  businesses that face a crisis will not survive.

Crisis Communications Management

Axia will be on your company’s side, ready to offer guidance whenever these unfortunate episodes occur. We understand the importance of quick, truthful responses. We have years of professional experience handling crisis communication management. As your crisis management counselors, Axia will convey accurate information to the public and to specific audiences during a crisis situation and help your company prepare long before a crisis occurs. Axia will show your business how to put communication first and mitigate negative outcomes that can be detrimental to your company’s success.

Remember, every $1 spent in crisis planning saves $7 during a crisis1. Don’t let your company fall victim to poor planning. Let Axia be your crisis communications adviser.

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1 – According to the Washington Military Department’s Emergency Management Division

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